Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!!

A sweet baby girl will be welcomed into our family in late January or early February. I am so excited to see her sweet face. We had our ultrasound this last Wednesday and my suspicions were confirmed. I have been saying for weeks, "it just feels different." I think Ross is indifferent, but Krueger is getting his "Daddy's girl." During the ultrasound, we caught her with her hand in the air. The technician doing the ultrasound told Ross she was waving at him. He started to wave back, it was so cute. My mom is really excited and just glad that all the girl clothes she bought won't go to waste. We have gone crazy the last few days, putting up Ross' things that we won't need, shopping for cute little things, and preparing the house for another baby. My nesting instinct kicked in and shows no signs of letting up. Poor Krueger and Ross. She is moving a lot now, most noticeably at around 10:30pm-11:00pm. Krueger felt her move last night for the first time. That was really sweet and wonderful. Ross feels on my belly, but "never, ever feels her." He is so darn cute.
Well, everything is going fine around our part of the world. We have gotten a lot of rain over the past few days, which is great for sleeping in and keeping us from having water restrictions. I have to plan a garage sale soon, to get rid of a few things, and have to get ready for a scrapbooking workshop I will be having at the church. I will be keeping busy up until my brother gets married on September 26th. After that, maybe a little rest before the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and then BABY!

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