Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!!

A sweet baby girl will be welcomed into our family in late January or early February. I am so excited to see her sweet face. We had our ultrasound this last Wednesday and my suspicions were confirmed. I have been saying for weeks, "it just feels different." I think Ross is indifferent, but Krueger is getting his "Daddy's girl." During the ultrasound, we caught her with her hand in the air. The technician doing the ultrasound told Ross she was waving at him. He started to wave back, it was so cute. My mom is really excited and just glad that all the girl clothes she bought won't go to waste. We have gone crazy the last few days, putting up Ross' things that we won't need, shopping for cute little things, and preparing the house for another baby. My nesting instinct kicked in and shows no signs of letting up. Poor Krueger and Ross. She is moving a lot now, most noticeably at around 10:30pm-11:00pm. Krueger felt her move last night for the first time. That was really sweet and wonderful. Ross feels on my belly, but "never, ever feels her." He is so darn cute.
Well, everything is going fine around our part of the world. We have gotten a lot of rain over the past few days, which is great for sleeping in and keeping us from having water restrictions. I have to plan a garage sale soon, to get rid of a few things, and have to get ready for a scrapbooking workshop I will be having at the church. I will be keeping busy up until my brother gets married on September 26th. After that, maybe a little rest before the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and then BABY!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Same old, same old...

Not much has been going on around the Brodbeck household lately. I have been working a lot lately, it has been crazy in labor and delivery. I did doppler myself at work and heart tones were in the 150's I started feeling movement yesterday and that was really exciting. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Dr Downey on September 3rd. I am hoping to find out if our little peanut is a boy or a girl. Ross still says "she" which is really cute, but occasionally he wants a "brudder." This week he said the funniest thing- "Holy Gosh! Mama, I made a big mess!" He knocked some paper off the couch and it fell to the floor. He has since made "Holy Gosh!" his new catch phrase. It reminds me of something the old Robin would say on the Batman TV series- "Holy Gosh Batman!" He is so darn cute. I will update again at the sign of some news, until then....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh! how time flies!!

Well, not much has changed in the month and half since my last post. I have had a couple more visits with Dr Downey and everything seems to be going well. The heartbeat with a doppler is 140s-150s. We have had the opportunity to look with the ultrasound at work and it is truly amazing to see our sweet baby grow. The first time we looked it was round, just a little circle. The next time we took a peek it looked more like a little twig, just occasionally wiggling. This last week we decided to take another look and it has a sweet little face and little arms and legs. It is a miracle to see this development before our eyes, especially in just a few short weeks. Ross has been so sweet to the baby. He listens in mamas chest for the heartbeat, and looks down my throat "to see her." He always calls the baby a "her," but at one time, said he wanter a "brudder." We look forward to him having a sibling and someone to help with and share with. He has a caring and sweet spirit that I hope he shares with the new baby. We look forward to the next visit at the doctor, where we will hopefully find out the sex of our baby. We are hoping for a healthy and happy one. I will have the quad screen at the next visit and we will schedule the "big ultrasound" with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor. We are not expecting any problems, just hoping to rule them out. I will keep updating the blog when the time comes. I am feeling good, no fetal movement yet, but it is sure to come. I look forward to this "honeymoon trimester," it leads us closer to our little sweet pea!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A busy week!

I went to see Dr Downey last Thursday. Great news! In my uterus is a gestational sac with baby and a heartbeat in the 140s. There is also the beginnings of the amniotic sac forming. It is so amazing to see this developing in such a short time. I am feeling great and apparently right on track. Dr Downey said we would use my original due date of January 29th, 2010. This makes me 8 weeks and 6 days today! It is a long way off, but I am sure it will be here before we know it!
This weekend we took Ross to San Antonio. Friday we went to the Riverwalk. We ate at The Original restaurante, had great food and were serenaded by a mariachi band. They sang the Macarena to us. Ross enjoyed the band, but was a little nervous as they came closer. Saturday and Sunday we went to SeaWorld. He seemed to have a great time. He enjoyed feeding the dolphins and swimming at the waterpark. There was a sealion born on Friday night, so we got to see the new momma and her baby. My mom and dad, and Spencer came with us. We had a good time. We want to take Ross back in October and maybe in December for there other events. It was a quick trip, but is so fun to take Ross places.
Monday, Ross had a HUGE moment! HE POOPED ON THE POTTY! I was so excited! I told him when he would go on the "big potty" that I would take him to Chuck E. Cheese. He got off the potty and was ready to go. We spent almost 3 hours playing and running after him. Jennifer and Spencer came, as well as my mom. They got to celebrate the big moment with us. He has gone again, once, since then. It is a great start. He is getting so big!
This weekend, my cousin John is marrying Jana Delavan. We are headed to Lubbock for the big day. I look forward to seeing the event and spending time with family. There little boy, Cade, was born two weeks before Ross, so it is neat to get the boys together. It will be a good time. (I always look forward to going to Lubbock- Taco Villa and Josie's here we come! HA! HA!)
Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good News!

I went to see Dr Downey on Tuesday of this week and upon ultrasound, noticed a small gestational sac and fetal pole. WE'RE PREGGO! The heart rate was low, so we will go back next Thursday to see if it is up to normal. (Can you believe the heart is already beating, at 5 weeks and 5 days! Such a miracle!) Dr Downey felt that it had probably just started to beat so it starts a little slow. I am excited, but weary of getting too attached. Next week will be more reassuring if the heart rate has come up. It should be in the 100-160s range. We are ready to be excited, but it is a long road ahead. Per this ultrasound, my due date is February 4th, 2010. A long way off! I have had some cramping and abdominal pain this week, which scares me a little, but the Lord knows what is best, so we try not to worry. I will post again next week with updates on baby status. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach 2009

We took a trip to Destin, Florida a few weeks back so I thought I would post a few pics.

Spring has come and gone!

Oh how I love the beautiful Spring weather! Where did it go? I think it may have gotten rained out.
Ross is ready for Summer. He wants to swim everyday and be outside on the playground. He waits for Krueger to come home, then begs to go outside. He loves to feed the fish in the pond and help his Daddy clean out the pond filter. He is a true outdoorsman. He is growing so fast, there is no baby-face anymore. Momma's little man is growing up. It is sad, but I am so excited for what is to come. It is something new everyday. We are currently in potty-training mode. He can and will go on the big potty, but has "control issues." He wants to go by himself, needs a totally private moment. He cracks me up. He is wearing pull-ups, but only wants the ones with "Cars" character on them. He already has a sense of fashion. So funny! He did the funniest thing the other day- We went to McDonalds ("gagalds") with Ross' friend Emily. She came to the table and said that Ross bit her. I quickly scolded him for biting when he said, "I bit her on the butt." I was appalled! He promptly explained he did like they did in "Move It, Move It movie!" I guess it will be a while before I let him watch "Madagascar" again. It is always something. He is the bright spot in my day, everyday!!!
Krueger is still working on Baylor's projects and has a few other little things going. He was very excited that the Baylor Cancer Center is under construction! He is very proud. He is currently doing prep work on the back patio. We are going to stain the 10X10 pad and then add decking on both sides. We hope to cover part of it at some point. The backyard is his "baby." He loves to work outside, mostly to avoid indoor projects, but I don't blame him.
I am still working, same place, same thing, over and over. It is quite frustrating, but I am unsure what else to do. I feel a little stuck, not sure why, but stuck. I am working on transitioning into a TDA, two day alternative position. I would love to work Friday and Saturday nights, while getting paid for working 3 night. Not so bad huh! Hopefully that will work out this year. In my spare time (what is that?) I try to scrapbook, plan a wedding shower for Spencer's fiance' Kathy, and play with my little man. This week, Friday and Saturday, I am headed to a Scrapbook convention in Arlington, with 3 friends from work. Girls Getaway! I am excited. It will be a busy week: Work, Our 8th Anniversary-June 2nd, Work, Scrapbook convention, Work. Hope it's a good one!